Sunday, June 22, 2008

So tired...can't keep my eyes open

Another video from when we first got home. I just love how they want to see everything, even when they are so tired. He's always tried to fight naps, as you can see in this video, but nighttime he falls right to sleep! Here's my sleepy little guy, still on the wallaby (we called him our glow worm while he was on it, as you can see by his chest!) fighting the sleep monster.

4 days old...plagued with jaundice

Here is a video of Reef on the wallaby when he first came home from the hospital. He only had to be on the wallaby for 48 hours, but it seemed like FOREVER! I can't believe how small he looks now! For those that don't know what a wallaby is, it helps the liver break down red blood cells. The liver couldn't quite keep up, thus causing jaundice. He also has the hiccups. He had these ALL the time in my tummy, and he still has them quite frequently.