Monday, November 30, 2009

Busy Month

If you haven't noticed, I've only posted one update this month and it was on the 1st~ it is now the last day of November and I am still not ready to update! :) I have been horrible at taking pictures this month...lazy really, so for those of you waiting for cute pictures of the little'll have to wait a bit longer.

Here are some things that have been going on during the past 30 days...

I started Jillan Michaels 30 day shred (today will be day 7) and I ACTUALLY look forward to getting fit and doing the 30 min. video sometime during the day! I made sure to weigh myself and take measurements at the beginning so I can compare after the 30 days. I'm sure I will continue to do it after 30 days are up, but I just want to see what I can accomplish!

I experienced my first Black Friday shopping this year! It was exhilerating and CRAZY! I got up at 4 am (but really didn't sleep well after 2 because I was excited and nervous!) and Breanna picked me up at 4:15 to head to Wal Mart. I got in line for the TV we got for Christmas from The Rohrs' and I got the LAST ticket for that item! I couldn't believe it! After waiting about 40 min until 5am we were able to check out. Breanna was our runner for other things while we had to stay in line for our items (Our friends Michelle and Jason and a sister-in-law of theirs were also there with Breanna, her brother and I.) Then we waited for about 45 min in line to purchase the items! Next on to Menards, Target and Kohl's. A few Christmas presents for Reef and ourselves and I was done!

We went to a couple's shower for Jarod Brabec and Lindsey Olmsted and it was quite fun. Mom babysat while we went. She also has been helping us declutter our house in case we put our house on the market soon....

We are currently debating on whether or not to move right now. We go to the bank tonight to get Pre-approved for a loan and we have looked at about 12 houses so far and liked 1. Our fate will come down to tonights meeting...we will keep you posted!

Thanksgiving was a time for food, family and friends. We went to Jared's aunt and uncles house in Omaha to spend with Rick's side of the family and then that evening went to another aunt and uncles house in Lincoln to spend with Cyndi's side. Friday was Husker football, turkey frying day at the Landon's household and we got to spend time with friends and again, stuff ourselves! Saturday was relaxing and then we hung out at the Prochnow's with yet some more friends! A good 4 day weekend (I had a 6 day weekend!) for most!

I have been subbing a ton and hopefully will get the longterm that has been offered me for Early March-End of the Year. It is 1st grade at McPhee Elem. As most of you know, I enjoy working with 3-5 grades the most, but I'm always up for a challenge! Hopefully this will bring a full time post!

That's all for now!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

I know you should carve your pumpkins BEFORE Halloween, but I just really wanted the seeds and then decided to make a memory.

Reef was "helping" me get the pumpkin seeds out so we could make some baked pumpkin seeds. I tried a "new" recipe this year and threw in some honey and sugar to make sweet/salty seeds and they turned out FABULOUS! Reef even enjoyed his first pumpkin seed snack.

The large pumpkin says REEF '09 and the smaller just has a face!