Saturday, September 26, 2009

300th SELLOUT!

We were lucky enough to have 4 tickets for this memorable event and even more lucky to have my mom able to watch Reef!

We had a good time at the tailgates and game and Reef had tons of fun with Grandma Dawn!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Landon's New Baby...

Our good friends Dan & Courtney Landon had their baby via C-section today at 12:21 pm. Bailey Rose Landon weighed 8 lbs. 3 oz and was 20 in. long. She is super cute and Reef was enamored by her! He even tried to share his sippy cup with her! Big Sister Renae was a little disappointed because she wanted a brother, but she soon became the overprotective Big Sister and was loving her little sis.

We visited them in the hospital on Wednesday after work and had a good talk with them about the delivery and even got to watch the video Dan took of her birth! Pretty neat to see a close friend's C-section!

We are so happy for them and can't wait to see her grow up!

Monday, September 21, 2009

15 month well baby

Reef had his check up today and passed with flying colors...well, as most of you know, there really isn't a test, per se, but he would've if there had been!

Stats are as follows:

height: 31 1/2 in. (50-75%)
weight: 23 lb. 11 oz (25-50%)
head: 19.2 in. (75-90%) BIG BRAIN!!! :)

Dr. Brabec was impressed with his speech and activity levels!!! Reef even gave Dr. B a hug during the was pretty cute.

It was quite the ordeal getting to the Dr. though since I am still doing my maternity leave sub position at Belmont. I left Belmont at 9:45 (another 3rd grade teacher took my class for the last 15 min. before specials, then specials until 10:50 and then the instructional coach took my class until I got back at 11:20.) I got to the Dr. at about 10:05 (our appt. was at 10:15) checked in and then called Cyndi to make sure she was almost there with Reef. She had picked him up at daycare and took him back afterward! It was perfect timing because as soon as Reef and Grammy walked in the door, they called our name!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


So, Reef is 15 months old TODAY! YIKES! Where does the time go? We had a good time over at Dan & Courtney's today with lots of friends. We had BBQ pork, pasta salad, chips & salsa & guac, deviled eggs, lemon bars and some defrosted girl scout cookies! The kids ALMOST out numbered the adults and that number will be rising by one on Tuesday as Dan & Courtney go in for their C-section and we will finally know if it's a boy or girl!

Crew, Reef and Renae had a good time playing as well as Fayth and Jocelyn (aka Josie) Dwerlkotte. It was fun to watch the kids all interact with each other and with baby Josie who is 2 months old. We also got to go over to Jason & Emily's house and see new baby Noah who was born on Sept. 15th.

Reef imitating Tebow and getting ready to pass it to Crew!

And YES, Jared made me put Reef in his Gator gear since it was an away game for the 'Skers and a home game for the Gators...we compromised as Reef had a Husker onsie on under the jersey....although he did poop that out in the first half...maybe that was what went wrong!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

It has been a busy 3 weeks or so since I last posted. Here is what has happened in a nutshell...Hopefully we will slow down soon so I can put pictures and elaborate on some of the events!

End of August: Reef, Rick, Cyndi and I went to Orlando, FL so Rick could get his Florida Chiropractic License Hours...It was a fun trip had by all!!! Reef is becoming quite the swimmer in his little lifejacket suit and arm floaties...he was swimming all across the pool BY HIMSELF!!!

Labor Day: Jared, Reef and I went to the cabin for some relaxation. We had the place to ourselves all Saturday and watched the game at the Marina Bar. We met some locals and had a good time. Sunday AM we just played and relaxed until my dad got out there to chill in the afternoon. Finally my mom surprised us Monday AM and we all had a good time boating and hanging out until we had to come home in the afternoon.

September: I got a long term maternity leave job at Belmont Elem. teaching 3rd grade until Oct. 2nd. I am actually the 2ND person to fill this job b/c the first woman couldn't quite hack it keeping up with discipline, classroom management, the tedious pace and schedule of events. I was stoked to get this job because I have worked with this team before and we mesh well.

I was also sad, however, because that meant I wouldn't get to see my Reef all day, every day. He seems to REALLY have fun at daycare, though, so it makes it easier to leave him there (it also makes it easier that Jared has to take him in the morning and I get to pick him up!) Kim (Melichar) Makovica started an in-home daycare recently and we were pleased that she had room for our little man. We know her from tailgating at her father's gas station downtown and she has a 6 month old son, Jackson, whom Reef has a fun time playing with!

This will be your "crib sheet" of our lives until I can post some pictures and have some anecdotes for you! :)