Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I know that got your attention! WE are finally going to start stripping the wallpaper in the bathroom and boarders in the kitchen and living room to repaint! I am super excited and thankful that our parents are going to help us out in this chore. We are not getting too crazy, as I thought maybe I would, but we are sticking to neutral tones in the living room, white in the kitchen and a tan in the bathroom. Bedroom painting will be coming in the months ahead, so wait for fun pics!

*We did get this done and it looks fabulous. Once I get things back on the wall and get some new decorative items, I will post pictures!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

4 weeks

So the past week I have been super tired, make that exhausted, by the end of the day and it isn't from working! I only worked on Tuesday and Thursday this week. Don't get me wrong, I was busy.

Monday was LPS' fall break and my papa's 56th birthday so Reef and I headed down to Crete to celebrate. Reef woke up from nap on Sunday with an upset tummy and it was still going on. He put himself to bed around 7:30 both Sunday and Monday night.

Tuesday I worked at McPhee the whole day and it was quite busy with the 5th graders.

Wednesday I had planned on taking a "me" day and getting stuff done around the house since I have been working every day for the past 7 1/2 weeks, but it seems like my plans weren't exactly working out this week. I got a phone call around 7:30 from our good friends Joe & Ivy and their son's daycare provider's son was sick, so they were without childcare. I graciously offered to watch the 6 month old cutie and had a busy day, even busier after I picked up Reef and got to feel what it will be like with 2 kids!

Thursday was at Brownell with 5th graders and I had forgotten how nice it is to sub at a "regular" school in Lincoln. I have been working at low-income schools for so long and rarely have a class that follows most of the directions the first time.

Friday brought doctor's appointments for Reef and myself. Mine was for the balance/dizziness inner ear problem I have had going on the past 3 weeks - it turns out it is a virus on its way out and Reef's was for the tummy problems he's been having off and on the past week. - the doctor diagnosed it as constipation, as I had suspected, but Friday afternoon and Saturday evening brought more stomach pains as well as Sunday afternoon a low-grade fever as well. Friday also brought on a series of pregnancy tests, as I'm a compulsive test taker! I had bought a pack of 25 off and have been using them the past 4 months. The test was negative, but I have been feeling slightly nauseus and my chest has been a little sore and the tiredness sent up warning bells in my mind, so I ran to CVS during the Taco Inn run and snatched up a 3 pack of mid-level tests. I was still 2 days away from projected cycle beginning, but I had a feeling and I knew there was going to be copious amounts of alcohol consumed this weekend. Sure enough, a faint second line popped up on the test!!! Needless to say, I had a large ice water cocktail during the neighborhood bonfire tonight!

Saturday brought another test and still faint, but a smidge darker, second line. It still hasn't sunk in even though most of my gals got told today. I know it's early, but I have been wanting this for the past year or so! (Only trying for about 6 months.) We had a good day and enjoyed the 2nd half of the Husker/Minnesota football game over at the Landon's.

Sunday (today) was a productive day as Jared was able to scrape/paint the trim on the house and stain the deck as it was 75 degrees today! I was ready to start getting the basement ready to construct our new master bedroom so the kids' rooms can be upstairs. I carried up most of my teacher stuff to the garage to be stored in the storage area. It feels like I'm in nesting mode and I've only found out!

Projected due date: July 2, 2012

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Back to the subbing world

So my long term job was pretty good. I had MANY ADD/ADHD kids in my class, and it was definitely a learning experience. I learned how to do so much more paperwork and online documents than I ever have in the past.

Now, it is back to the regular subbing world for the remainder of the year. I have a possible long term later on, but the one I was planning on in January slipped through the cracks at the principal's misunderstanding. Oh well. I guess it's in the plan. Ever since that fateful day back in 2008 when my one year contract didn't get renewed, I have a better attitude on things that don't go the way I see it.

Just because it's my plan, doesn't mean it's God's plan. Always remember that. I have met some amazing people from subbing the past 3 years and can work pretty much everyday through these friendships. God is good and he knows what we are supposed to do when and where! I have been reading an amazing series by auther Karen Kingsbury that reiterates this message thanks to one of my former co-workers, Kim Hardwig. I cannot get enough of the Baxter family!