Monday, August 31, 2009

The boys

I watched the boys this morning while Breanna subbed her last day (until she gets her "new" teaching certificate.) The boys were having fun playing with all the toys and I even managed to get the twins down for naps at the same time (well, close!) and they napped for about half the time they were here. That gave me some Reef time while I was preparing to go back to work full time for a month. This will also be my last "scheduled" time to watch the boys as both of us are trying to work more often and have babysitters for the kids this year.

Max & Oscar are still growing like weeds and catching up to Reef (as most kids do around the year mark.) It will be fun to see how they all end up height wise, because Breanna and Pat are around the same heights as Jared and I (Although I think Pat is a little taller than Jared and I have a couple inches on Bre.) Oh the life with kids!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

More Florida

I wasn't very good at taking pictures most of the trip, but here is one of Grampy pulling Reef on the carryon bag. It was quite funny. We had quite the layover coming home and Reef dragged that bag around the whole airport. Then, I finally realized he'd get a kick out of riding on it! This was in St. Louis, but the stupid pilot must have flown right over the arch because no one around us got to see it... It's been YEARS since I've see that thing!

We have quite the swimmer on our hands as he was swimming all by himself with his floaty suit and waterwings. I cannot imagine next year, he'll probably be doing it by himself! :) We are definitely going to get him into a formal class sometime this fall or winter so he stays water friendly!

Cyndi and I managed to get some shopping in (after getting thanks to the map we had, and YES, we did finally stop to ask for directions...we just didn't want to pay anymore stupid tolls!)

All in all, a good trip and fun times with family!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

More Orlando pics

These pictures compliments of Grammy and Grampy's camera!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Julie's Waterfront

We ate at Julie's waterfront restaurant tonight and it was TASTY! I enjoyed a Julie's Red Lager with dinner and Cyndi and I shared 2 dozen peel and eat shrimp!!! Rick stayed with his staple of fried shrimp and french fries and Reef ate some fish and chips (sweet potato fries.) It was a beautiful view of a lake and we watched a wake boarder practice while we finished dinner. Night 2 of Florida was good.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crabby Joe's

First night in Florida and we ate at Crabby Joe's. It was YUMMY! We also made friends with the Brit's at the table next to us because their daughter and Reef were flirting! We found out they were only 2 days apart! Crazy! It was amazing how many Brit's were in Orlando for vacation to Disney...and for 2 weeks, but I guess when the dollar isn't strong...they get more bang for their buck!!

Reef immensely liked his mac and cheese as you can tell by his face in the picture!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Big Bugs, Big Shoes to Fill

Reef has gotten into that love of shoes stage every once in awhile and will take all the shoes out of the basket. I'm pretty sure Jared helped Reef into these, but I'm not positive. He looks so proud to have them on his feet!

We also had a large preying mantis friend who made his home on our garage frame. Reef loved checking him out and soooo wanted to touch it. Mama didn't let him!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Poopy in the POTTY!

So tonight marks the 2nd time Reef pooped in the potty...Saturday eve was the first. We have been practicing on and off for the past month and apparently I have been setting him on the potty at the right times! The past week he got a terrible diaper rash ( I think teething is the culprit) and we have been giving him "air baths" or letting him run around without a diaper on! It is really convenient to just plop him on the potty while he's naked and give it the old college try! Who knows? He may just be potty trained by the time he's 18 months! We can only hope!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Corn on the cob!

Reef's new favorite treat is eating corn right off the cob. He looks so funny doing it, but I figure its a good teether along with veggies!

Reef is also 14 months old today! He's slowly morphing from a baby into a little boy more and more each day.


I caught myself a boy and a dog this morning in my "trap," Enzo's dog kennel. We were getting ready to head out to visit with our new daycare provider, Kim Macovika, and Reef crawled in the kennel so I popped Enzo in there too and grabbed the camera!

We had a busy day: After going to Kim's house we walked around Southpointe for a bit (I had a free undies coupon at VS) and then headed to Ivy's school to help her get her classroom ready for tomorrow. While we were there, Reef decided to have a blowout (he's teething something fierce) and walked around without shorts the rest of the day! He also got his first upper molars (or so I think) today...they finally poked through!

After we left Sacred Heart we went to play with Steph and Crew for an hour before finally heading home for a nap! BUSY DAY!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our "Girl" child

I know this will come back to haunt me, but our friend Steph Johnson put a bow in Reef's hair when we were over there tonight for a "Low Country Boil" supper and I couldn't resist snapping a picture. Boy is Reef going to love this one!

We had a great time with friends, family and tons and tons of FOOD...Reef had 3 rounds of eating...fruit, appetizers, and main dish! :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Stephy's HOME!!!

bottom: Shy & Me, top: Ashley, Breanna, Becky, Jody, Steph

My good friend Steph (Sirek) DeHaven was in town all week and we got to hang out a couple times before finally having a big get together at Breanna's and then going downtown for some drinks. We had an excellent time catching up.

Steph's little bro, Micah & Max (Breanna's baby)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Brody Jack Roberts

My friend Megan had her baby boy today around 8 am via emergency C-section. He was face down and just would not move down the birth canal, so they rushed her to surgery and he came out just as beautiful as can be!

He weighed 6 lbs 3 oz and was 20 1/2 in. long! He has short brown curly hair and big bluish eyes (we all know they will change ALOT the next couple months!) He is just a doll and both mom and baby are doing well.

It seems like FOREVER ago that I was just in that same situation. It's hard to think back after a successful year of nursing Reef, how frustrating it is to start out! And to think how tiny and fragile they are (especially when they are rough and tough, now!)

I can't wait to see this little one grow up and play with Reef.

Karli and I went to visit Megan together since we are all pseudo-sisters!