Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bethany's Bachelorette

Fun times in Ogallala! We met in the middle for a 27 dresses theme for Bethany's bachelorette party! It was a crazy weekend that started out with a mild blizzard as we trekked west in the big green van (Pat & Breanna's.)

We started out on the interstate, but since we were in a 12 passenger van pulling a boat with ice forming and minimal visibility, we decided the hwy was the best. We had to make a pit stop to drop off Breanna & Pat's kiddos in Kearney and then the driving conditions were better!

We stopped in Paxton to eat at Ole's and meet T. Scott (Pat & Breanna's friend) before getting to Ogallala! Breanna, Pat, Aaron and I were glad the trip was coming to its destination because we were still tense from the ride out.

Bethany was waiting at the hotel when we got there and we slammed a drink (that we deserved after that trip) and headed out to scope out the town. We found a cute little small town bar and settled there for the evening.

Saturday brought sun and melted nearly all the snow from the previous day's fury. We had a great time all day and then the fun really started as our guests started arriving for the girls night! The night couldn't have been more perfect! Here's to fun with CU gals!

Check us out in our old prom/bridesmaid dresses!!! Bethany was also the pool queen on her special night as she was killing the regulars at their game!