Thursday, April 30, 2009

Busy Week

So Reef has been an excellent sleeper lately...pretty much 8-8 without interruption. It has been AWESOME! This doesn't explain why I haven't been updating. I really can't either. I have just been exhausted this week. I have watched the twins 2 full days (and I am again tomorrow) so that makes for a LONG day. Luckily Grammy Cyndi came over on Wednesday to help in the morning and we had a lovely chat. A bunch of us went to the zoo on Tuesday and I worked a half day today.

I am excited for tomorrow as one of my best friends, Jen, is flying in from Denver to help another of my bestest, Lindsay, do her landscaping at her house. This is what Jen does for a living, so she's excited (I think?!?) to help out a friend! This weekend is also Berkshire-Hathaway days, so we get to indulge with the Rohrs' and seek out things we really don't need...or have the money for!

We are also planning on seeing our friends Jenn and Brent Timperley (hopefully) sometime this weekend as well.

I have been a bad picture taker, so you won't be getting any of those for now...but I plan on taking some tomorrow and this weekend, so if I get my butt in gear, there will be new pictures on Sunday or Monday! (don't hold your breath!)

Hope this satisfies your hunger for my ranting for a few days! :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Ok, so some of you may have noticed that this month I'm lagging a little behind with my posts. I have been subbing A LOT this month. I don't know why April has been so busy...maybe teachers are trying to take some time off before the last month of school, or conferences and such are scheduled this month, but out of the 20 days of school this month, I have worked 12 so far. I will have also watched the twins 3 days (was supposed to be 4, but her job got cancelled.) I have only taken 2 days off because of working 4 days in a row and I missed my boy (plus, it helped with my milk supply.)

This is why I have been a slacker. I will be updating more from the past couple weeks but our nights have been busy, too! I've played Bunco with Cyndi's group, I've gone to a jewelry party at Breanna's, we went out to dinner for Brittany Freeman's 18th b-day, Reef and I ate over at Breanna's and we've gone to Joe & Ivy's for a BBQ...all of these during the week, not weekends! Usually we are homebodies during the week, but since Reef has been sleeping so good during the night, we thought we'd try our hand at alternating his schedule and seeing if he still could sleep through the night. Results are in: He does, as long as it's not every night! :) What a good boy!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Busy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Be as GREEN as you can be!

Today was a VERY, VERY busy day for Reef and I. We woke up around 7 and I decided I would keep Reef up (usually I feed him and put him back down so he can sleep another hour or so) because we had plans to go to the zoo around 10:30 and I wanted him to take a nap BEFORE going! IT WORKED!!! I put Reef down for a nap around 9:15 (he's been taking hour, hour and a half naps for me in the AM) and he woke up right before 10:30. Of course we weren't ready to go when Grammy got there...there is just too much stuff one small baby needs for a day out...stroller, diaper bag, sunscreen, sippy cup, snacks, extra clothes, extra diapers...Anywho, we were off by 11 and the zoo was waiting for us when we got there. We met my friend Karli and her 8 month old Teagan and strolled around the zoo for an hour and a half.

Next we were off to Southpointe to meet Breanna and the twins for lunch and some shopping. We ate at Noodles & Co. (YUMMY!!!) and then strolled around the mall and got some pretty good deals at Old Navy. I found a really cute tankini, but of course I can't find a top to fit me for the life of me! Maybe after I'm done nursing one will finally fit me!

Then we were off to the Timperley's to hang out with Cindy, Jenn, Erica and the kids. We had a blast seeing the babies together and catching up. Jackson was a riot as usual to watch. We need to do this WAY more often, ladies!

Our final stop of the day was at Super Target because they were having some convertible car seats on sale. These seats you can use rear facing from 5-30 lbs and forward facing from 20-40! Since Reef is so tall he grew right out of his infant carrier car seat and MUCH prefers the new "big boy" seat. We got one for Jared's car (since I had one already) and one for Grammy's car.

Reef was one tired boy and was all tuckered out from the long, FUN day around Lincoln.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Today we bought our membership to the Lincoln Children's Zoo! Breanna and I went to Sam's Club this morning and we got some much needed supplies: diapers, tp, laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, etc. and then we both had friends invite us to go to the weird is that??? It was a sign! Since it was rainy this morning, we decided we would just play it by ear. It turned out to be a beautiful day and the kids enjoyed their time! Breanna's friend came after we had been there about an hour and we met up with Steph Verkamp shortly after we got there!

Since Reef is under 2 years, we got the Individual + 1 membership so we (Jared or I) can bring any 1 child or adult to get in free with us! So, if you ever want to go to the zoo, let me know! I'm not sure how it works if we can let someone borrow our pass as the 1 person or not, but we'll find out.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, April 13, 2009


So we finally fit in the cute 12 month sock monkey jammies we got awhile back. I know that our friends boys, Jackson and Joseph, have (or had) the same ones because the boys' grammy's have the same taste! Here is an action shot of Reef walking, playing in the laundry basket, and showing off his bum while holding onto the coffee table.

Reef is walking about 7/8ths of the time now and before you know it he will be running! My oh my how time flies! Only a week until he's 10 months old~ He doesn't even seem like a baby any more (well, sometimes!) but a toddler! He has, however, started throwing little tantrums when he gets tired and I take him away from what he's doing. He'll throw his entire body backwards and if you aren't prepared, he nearly flies out of your arms...SCARY! These don't happen too often and I try to cut them off before they begin...but, no one's perfect! He's usually a happy guy and getting even more independent by the day. I am able to get much more done around the house while he entertains himself!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter with the Rohrs

Today we celebrated Easter with the Rohrs side (also with Aunt Di & Uncle Ken.) We headed to church at 9 am and enjoyed the service...Jared actually told me he enjoyed the sermon, too! Then straight over to Rick & Cyndi's. Reef took a short rest(pretty sure he just hung out in the crib, played with beanie babies and stared at the fish tank) before lunch and then we proceeded to STUFF ourselves!

After lunch Reef had another mini nap while Grammy Cyndi, Aunt Di and I played Spinners. The men-folk were watching the Masters and putting their feet up digesting!

Reef got to open his Easter Basket and loved his new bath ducks, toothbrushes and bendy bunnies! Since it was so cold today we didn't get to hide more eggs outside so the photos here of him in his Easter outfit are actually from yesterday! We bought this outfit last March (kinda as a joke per Jared) and was pleasantly surprised that the 12-18 mos fit him pretty good! I always thought it was cute and hoped that it would fit. The jacket is a little big, but we'll grow into it. The shorts will definitely get some use this spring and summer!

HE IS RISEN....HE IS RISEN INDEED! Don't forget the real Easter reason!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter at the Mundt's & Grandma Dee's 84th

Today we went to Crete to celebrate Easter with my family and it also happens to be Grandma Dee's 84th birthday! We started off the morning with an Easter egg hunt at the Crete park. One of the local churches was putting it on and my cousins Jen & Matt had their kids, Scoie (5) and Cooper (3) so it was a fun hunt!

We came back to mom and dad's house for some lunch and chatting with the 3 grandparents, uncle Mark, Matt & Jen and us. A good time had by all! Dad hid some eggs in the back yard while we were downtown at the park hunt so the kids had fun searching for those too! We re-hid the eggs several times and it was a beautiful day so we hung out outside for quite awhile.

Jared, Matt & Uncle Mark got to enjoy Doane's frisbee golf course while Mom took the grandmas, Jen & kids to a quilt show that was going on at Doane. Reef attempted to take a nap while all the commotion had settled town, as did dad and grandpa Leon while watching the Masters tournament.

After eating leftovers for supper we all started filtering out heading back home. Another Easter celebration tomorrow with the Rohrs!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Seeing the Easter Bunny!

Today Reef and I met Lindsey for lunch at Chili's. Lindsey and I had wedding things to discuss (January 30, 2010!) and just some catching up to do from our spring breaks. After lunch we headed over to Southpointe where the Easter Bunny was going to be hopping around! We got some good pictures of Reef and the Bunny and Lindsey & I with Mr. Rabbit! Grammy Cyndi also met us at the mall and we had a good time shopping and stopping for some Coldstone icecream...a small dish of peanut butter explosion (or something to that effect) later we were back shopping and we ran into Breanna and her brood...she had her three kids and one of her friends' 3-year-old, Ryan, with her. Her brother Brendan was nice enough to help corral the kids for their trip to see the Easter Bunny!

Monday, April 6, 2009


So Reef is walking 1/2 time now. He really enjoys pulling himself up and then strutting his stuff. If he can't get somewhere to pull himself up, he will crawl around until he does and then he toddles his way somewhere else. Today he also did something I thought was pretty amazing...He bent down and picked up a toy and then continued on his way. He has tried to do this before, but always ended up falling over when he squatted to get the toy. He also almost stood up on his own without using an object! I have a feeling that he will be walking full time by the time he's 10 months...SCARY!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hanging with the Landon's

Tonight Dan, Courtney & Renae came over and hung out. WE had appetizers...ham snacks, chips and salsa, beer bread, cookies, brownies & ice cream. Sounds like a good, healthy meal, huh? Courtney (who is about 16 weeks pregnant) was in heaven with the meal! We watched the final four games and had a good time catching up and chatting. We had been hanging out every other week for awhile and it had been nearly a month since our last gathering, so it was a fun time.

Reef and Renae had fun playing...we were giving her some good "big sister" practice! Jared and Reef were looking outside at the rain and it made a good picture!

Friday, April 3, 2009

HyVee's Beer Tour

Tonight we had fun going to HyVee's FREE...yes, FREE Beer Tour. We didn't have a sitter, but since it was at HyVee, we figured it wouldn't be a problem and it wasn't. There were about 200 types of beer you could sample...and I think Jake and Joe tasted nearly ALL of them. You get a little cup (like the ones at Amigo's to put your salsa, ranch, hot cheese, etc. in) and they fill it about 2/3 full to sample their product in hopes you buy a 6 pack or two sometime.

After sampling beers we walked over to Wendy's and enjoyed a meal with all of our fellow beer tasters...Joe & Ivy, Jake & Kim and some friends of Jake & Kim's. Then it was home for us and the others went out to another bar.

A great, early night for us, but it was a fun night!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Julie's Daycare

I watched the twins again today and had a good day. Reef was walking all over and Max and Oscar took a long nap for me! Oscar fell asleep all snuggled in his car seat and Max was watching the lights on the train and fell asleep on the floor. Since he was in the living room, I had to corral Reef in the dining room/kitchen area. He was pretty stoked though because he hardly ever gets to "only" play in those areas. He usually is stuck in the living room! Reef also took a good nap, so all in all, a great day!