Friday, June 26, 2009

Breanna's Garage Sale

This weekend Breanna had a garage sale and I hauled over all our stuff from our sale 2 weeks ago.

IT WAS HOTTTTTT! Definitely different from ours 2 weeks ago. Boy how the weather changes. The babies enjoyed playing in the pool while the sale was going on and we enjoyed each others company! All, in all, it went well and we got rid of some stuff and made a few dollars while we were at it!

Reef in the tent Breanna and I put up to attract customers...IT WORKED! And she got close to what she was asking for it!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Babysitting Elise

We have been hanging out with our neighbors and new friends, Chris & Jen Lammers + Baby Elise. I met Jen subbing for her kindergarten team at Sheridan elementary and we started chatting and we realized we lived in the same townhomes, just a couple blocks away! Since she was going to be home all summer we have been getting together for walks and playdates and today I watched Elise for her while she got her hair done.

The kids enjoy each other even though Elise is only 8 months old. They watch each other and Reef usually gets Elise a toy to play with! It should be a fun summer having someone else in the neighborhood to do things with.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Lindsay "Wittstruck" Eisenmenger and her husband Patrick got a new puppy, a puggle named Stanley. Reef and I had to go meet this little guy and hang out and did they have a good time together. Since they are both little ankle biters, they were right at home playing with each other! :)

Reef was not too sure when Stanley kept jumping up on him because Enzo is usually running away!

Friday, June 19, 2009

1 year!

My baby boy is ONE today! I cannot believe this year has gone by soooooo fast. Reef's birthday party was Saturday, June 20th and we had so many people come and help us celebrate. It was a good day, although it did sprinkle on and off throughout the afternoon and early evening. WE enjoyed a nacho bar and birthday cake at grammy and grampy Rohrs' house and our friends loaned us a small bounce house that the kids played with all day!
It was a great day and next year will be soooo different because my friend Jen is getting married on Reef's bday next year in Denver! We will have to celebrate early at home or after his bday.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Our garage sale

I had my first garage sale EVER at my own house. It was quite the event. I threw all the stuff for the garage sale together in just a few short days and we had many other friends and family contribute as well. Grammy Cyndi and Breanna helped out a bunch along with Ivy. It was a long 2 days, but worth the extra cash. Friday was busy, even though it rained in the afternoon. Then we had friends over and managed to sell more things while we were just sitting out in the driveway having some adult beverages! We enjoyed some chinese food and the nice weather outside.
Saturday was a REALLY busy day for us, but the garage salers weren't very busy that day. We had Reef's year pictures and our family pictures taken today as well and then in the afternoon we had my mom come in and babysit Reef so we could go out to a movie and dinner/drinks with friends. It was a crazy day, and I think we managed to spend ALL the money we made from the garage sale in one evening! (We really only made about $100!)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Shopping for bridesmaid dresses

We had a great time helping Lindsey pick out bridesmaid dresses tonight! Almost all of the bridesmaids got to come and try on 4 different styles that Lindsey picked out at David's Bridal.

We all agreed on this beautiful dress only it will be in a deep red color called apple. Lindsey's cousin Lauren Stehlik is our model! Lindsey also decided on a dress that her mom picked out and she had never tried on until that night. She was just humoring her mom when she tried it on, but it was "THE ONE" and she knew it when she first put it on and saw our reactions when she walked out. I have been sworn to secrecy about the dress, so I can't post those pictures. You will just have to wait until Jan. 30, 2010 to see it!

Reef also had a good time playing with the flowy dresses and playing in the mirrors. He had plenty of "babysitters" while mommy was trying on gowns. The dress in Reef's picture is the color the bridesmaid's dresses will be.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Zoo

Breanna, our kids and I spent 4 hours at the zoo today! We packed picnic lunches and enjoyed the beautiful weather. You might think we went around more than just 2 times, but that is all... We DID however spend A LOT of time by the wallaby's because one of them has a baby joey in her pouch and it was trying to get out! We asked a zookeeper about it and she told us that the joey comes out usually in the morning for a bit and then goes back into the pouch. Now that it's older the joey is getting too big and will have to come out more. Here is a picture of what we spent watching for nearly 45 minutes! Luckily the kids were happy and enjoying watching the other people and animals.

We are planning on making this a weekly occurance so we get out of the house and use our membership to the fullest!

Reef also had a good time climbing the spiderweb ropes! This was the first time I let him do it!