Thursday, August 16, 2012

Update on Baby

Clearly I haven't been updating as often as I've liked. I am now almost 38 weeks pregnant and getting more excited, anxious, nervous, thrilled and about a million other emotions rolled into one. I can't believe he is almost here! I have almost everything ready for Ayrton but need to get a few more things back from friends and neighbors whom have borrowed things and I need to borrow a few things from friends and neighbors! Here is a picture of Lindsay and I at the lake 2 weekends ago. We are almost there. Her due date is on the 19th, so anyday now! My 37.5 week appointment showed that I am only a fingertip dialated and baby moved down ever so slightly into the pelvic region. Lindsay should be having her appointment today and we should see how much more she is progressing (last week she was 50% effaced and about 2-3 cm dialated!)

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EricAndErica said...

Time for an update...I've already met this baby :)